Friday, March 06, 2015
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Cinco de Mayo History

Cinco-de-MayoMexico is not the only place Cinco de Mayo is  celebrated, it is also celebrated in the United States.   In fact, Cinco de Mayo has become a traditional holiday in the USA.

Many people still believe that Cinco de Mayo is Independence Day for Mexico but it is not so.  The Cinco de Mayo history goes like this:  In 1861 a decision was made to stop paying money to countries that had loaned Mexico money.

Spain, England and France decided to invade Mexico to collect their debts.  Spain and England had no such luck and left Mexico behind, but the French on the other hand decided to stick it out and stay in Mexico and continued attacking the Mexican people.

It was not until May 5th 1862 that Mexico manage to defeat a French army.  Although maybe a small defeat for the French it was a massive accomplishment for the Mexican army and its people. The battle was called the Battle of Puebla.  There were 8,000 French soldiers, fully equipped and trained figting men and only 4,000 Mexican infantry men, yet the Mexicans won.  What eventually changed the course of history in North America that day, only lasted about 2 hours.

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo history today people!

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