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Arts and Entertainment  >>

The arts and entertainment features on what is happening in the world of arts and entertainment with focus American Latino cultural events and influence in the world of music, film, theatre, T.V and radio.

Business and Technology   >>

The Business and Technology section reports on business trends and Hispanic American contributions to the world of Business and Technology.

Culture and Identity   >>

How can we arrive to a common term that would position us as one single American group of Latin American ancestry? To better understand the fundamentals of identity and culture we are going to open this section for cultural expression in hopes to provide an insightful dialogue with the intention to promote a positive Hispanic and Latino image and educate the general public by highlighting Hispanic and Latino contributions to American society.  

Education  >>

The section aims to understand the academic development challenges in the American Latino community.

Food and Wine   >>

The Food and Wine section celebrates our eclectic culinary heritage and its impact in the United States.  Find exquisite recipes and recommendations.

Health   >>

The health section focuses on current health challenges in our community with focus on medicine, health and wellness

Politics  >>

Politics is the activity through which people make, preserve and amend the general rules under which they live. As such, it is an essentially social activity, inextricably linked, on the one hand, to the existence of diversity and conflict, and on the other to a willingness to co-operate and act collectively. Politics is better seen as a search for conflict resolution than as its achievement, as not all conflicts are, or can be, resolved. Now more than ever, the Hispanic and Latino population segment is in need to voice the opinions of Hispanic American legislators and their constituents. The politics section aims to provide a synopsis of the Hispanic American condition in the United States and focus on the Hispanic American influence on politics and give American Latinos and Hispanics a unified platform to voice opinions and concerns.

Travel   >>

The travel section profiles Latin American Cities and report on tourist spots, history, cultural attractions and more.

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