Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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The americanlatino.com Food and Wine section celebrates our eclectic culinary heritage and its impact in the United States.  Find exquisite recipes and recommendations.

Puerto Rican Cuisine

asopaoPollo_lgPuerto Rico is an island nation that is officially a territory of the United States. Puerto Rican cuisine has evolved from several strong influences, including those of the original peoples, such as the Tainos, and the Spanish conquerors that drove most of the natives out and enslaved the remaining. African and Caribbean influence is also reflected in the cuisine of the island, which has also been shaped significantly by its climate and geology. 


All-time Favorite Traditional Hispanic Recipes

Chunky-Mango-Raisin-SalsaTraditional Hispanic recipes are an all-time favorite not only in countries with a Spanish culture but also other countries learning to appreciate its delectable taste. There are a lot of traditional Hispanic recipes you can easily make at home.


The 25 Percenters

logo-choose-my-plate-170x155Writing is difficult.  Writing an article that holds many truths yet might offend some is even more so.

I am dropping off my daughter at her school and see it- everywhere.  Today’s youth are replacing the most important meal of the day with vanity.  I’m sure you have seen it as well, the logoed cups of expensive java, over the top smoothie concoctions or the back in style yogurt. Have we as a culture lost our way so much that we have to impose our own vanity upon our kids to the detriment of their health and well-being in a learning environment?


Mexican Hispanic Cuisine - A Regional Background

mexican-foodMexican foods are based mostly in ancient traditions while Hispanic foods differ depending on the region or town. Hispanic cuisines are introduced by Spanish colonists but are greatly influenced by Europeans. Although each region has its own cuisine variations, some people tend to add a mixture of Hispanic Mexican food so as to provide a great tasting recipe.

Mexican cuisine is known for its varied and intense flavor, color and variety of spices. Authentic Hispanic food is indescribable because food is prepared in many ways, having certain preferences. Hispanics in each region utilizes food techniques and prepares the food in terms of sweetness, spiciness and bitterness.

Historically, when Spaniards first arrived in Mexico City, they found out that corn-based dishes, along with spices and herbs, are the main diet of the people there. The conquistadores incorporate their diet with pork, chicken, wine, fruits and spices, as well as other native foods in Mexico.



unemploymentIt is all around us. We can’t seem to escape it. It has caused records in unemployment, strained marriages and most recently the poverty levels in America. The Economy, the “at-fault” of everything that has occurred in recent times and what is in the road ahead. The Economy is the new four letter word for the way Americans are living in uncertain times.  The blame for “The Economy” has been blamed on the President, The Republicans, The Democrats, The Senate, Congress, Washington etc., etc., etc.


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