Friday, February 27, 2015
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The Food and Wine section celebrates our eclectic culinary heritage and its impact in the United States.  Find exquisite recipes and recommendations.

Simple Alterations in Food Choices that'll make You Healthy

98139935_2Thinking about foods that provide nourishment, and by eating a wholesome balanced diet with such foods which cover the nutritional gamut we ought to be able to provide all our nutritional needs without having to make use of vitamin supplements. However there are many food products which we consume on a regular basis that boost our toxic load. In this post we will talk about some of these accepted foods, along with what we must eat instead.



Champagne and Sparkling Wine: Are they the Same?

Glasses-of-sparkling-wine-011To a lot of people, sparkling wine and Champagne refer to one and the same wine but in actuality, they are a bit different from each other in a lot of ways. Champagne is a type of sparkling wine that originates from Champagne, one of the most popular wine regions of France. Many countries in the world produce sparkling wines. In fact a lot of them place "Champagne" on the labels of their sparkler bottles. But there is just one Champagne wine; it's the one that come from France.


Health Benefits of Red Wine Consumption

redwineRed wine consumption has been recognized by some experts as an approach for fighting heart disease. However, do these claims really have medical basis? The primary benefit of drinking moderate amount of alcohol seems to be relevant to atherosclerosis development or the growth of fatty plaques within blood vessels, specifically those coronary arteries supplying the heart. These forms of deposits reduce the flow of blood to the person's heart and might also promote the growth of vessel blocking clots, which could result in angina chest pain or worse maybe even a serious heart attack. Therefore, if you wish to prevent such incidence from occurring, you should consider how red wine consumption could help you avoid it.


Pork, Plantains and a President

7267741_origThe election is over. We have all learned the platforms and patience of all our friends & family with social media rants and posts.  We have discuss, argued and have used political satire and GIF’s. A few things became apparent, the importance of the women voter and of the Hispanic/Latino community.


The Wines of Argentina

Malbec-Wine-in-Buenos-AiresArgentina is the world's fifth largest wine producer, after Italy, France, Spain and the US. It is best known for it's red Malbec grape variety, which was introduced to the country by Spanish Conquistadors in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and which is traditionally grown in the Mendoza region, in the foothills of the Andes mountains, in some cases still using irrigation systems that the Spaniards inherited from local indigenous tribes. There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of vineyards in Mendoza, ranging from giant, international exporters, to those that in the past provided wine for just one house or family. With its sycamore-lined avenues, and the high peaks of the Andes range serving as a picturesque backdrop to most of the region, a wine-lover could happily spend months exploring Mendoza's vineyards, ambling lazily from tasting to tasting. If you can't spare that much time though, a few days is enough to begin to get to know the place.


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